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How to make Chinese green tea in 5 easy Steps

Chinese Green tea is very popular all over the world because of the numerous benefits that are associated with it. For the patients who suffer from different types of health diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart problems, cancer and many more it is no less than a medicine.  The best part about this green tea is that it is very helpful in promoting the health of a person and it has no side effects too. Whereas the different types of medicines as well as drugs that one needs to take at the time of a disease come along with several types of side effects too.

It is also very helpful in boosting immunity in the body of a person. Polyphenols as well as Flavonoids are very helpful in building the immunity of a body as they are the agents that help in boosting the immunity. Vitamin C is also present in the Chinese Green tea that is helpful is keeping the flu away from the body of a person. In addition to it, the anti- oxidants that are present in the green tea help in fighting against the ageing. That is the reason that people all over the world drink this tea in order to stay away from the ageing and wrinkles.

All of you might be aware of the benefits of drinking the Chinese Green Tea at Tea Naga Store and we will discuss the steps to prepare a nice cup of green tea. Preparing green tea is very easy and one can prepare a tasty cup of tea very easily by sitting at his place as well. We shall make this tasty tea by collecting the several ingredients of the tea like tea pot, cups and the green tea itself.

  • We can start by taking a hand full of pure and fresh leaves in our hand
  • After this, we can put these leaves into the tea pot which contains the boiling water.
  • Then leave the tea pot for about a minute until the appropriate flavour as well as the smell comes out of it.
  • After this we need to add adequate amount of sugar into the tea, because it might become sour in taste. So it is advised to put sugar into the in order to restore the sweetness.
  • After it, you can serve the drink to your friends or relatives and the Chinese people drink green tea on traditional occasions.

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