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TeaNaga promotes organic Chinese tea products and culture to all, young and old. We are your source of fresh, genuine premium Chinese tea. Orders can be placed with us any time of the day as our site is open 24/7.

Steep your life in beauty and wellness through Chinese tea

Green tea is now famous all around the world; at the very beginning this product was only available in Asia mainly the countries around China as the product of green tea has been started in China. Green tea now a popular supplement and doctors also use to prescribe this item due to its various advantages over human health. There are several types of green tea available in the market depending upon the climatic condition as well as manufacturing processes. 

This supplement is commonly known as its beneficiary effects on human heart, also resists cancer if consumed on daily basis too. If you consume green tea on daily basis then you could also increase the level of anti-oxidants as these tea leaves contains some amount of catechins, which is itself a powerful anti-oxidant; polyphenols & caffeine which also are present in green tea induces thermogenesis too. Someone who is suffering due to high cholesterol problems can stay away from this problem by taking green tea on regular basis, along with it reducing tooth decay.

But before purchasing green tea leaves you have to know the best seller of this item and if you go through online then you will find only one name which is “; they use to offer green tea in different packs. All these products are available within reasonable price; as for example top green tea fragrance original Chinese West Lake longing tea Brand Teenager Dragon Well new tea 200 g/can is available only for $ 27 as there is a sale going on the price of green tea leaves on that site. If you wish to stay happier in your life to go ahead smoothly then just opt for Best Chinese green tea.

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