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TeaNaga promotes organic Chinese tea products and culture to all, young and old. We are your source of fresh, genuine premium Chinese tea. Orders can be placed with us any time of the day as our site is open 24/7.

Two Cups Is All It Takes!

Do you catch yourself feeling lethargic in the middle of the day? Stressful work life giving you sleepless nights? Or are you looking for a simpler, relatively cheaper way to lead a healthy life? For those who are conscious about their health but not in a position to hit the gym regularly or go on that special nutritious diet-here’s an easy way to a healthy happy life-green tea!

Most of us have heard about the bad effects of too much caffeine in our body. Having too much of anything & not just caffeine is of course not advisable. With green tea or herbal tea, you run no risk of adding too much of it in your diet. Having just 2 cups a day will work wonders for your body & mind.
The benefits of green tea of Teanaga are many. Green tea contains antioxidant which is great news for all those beauties wishing to look forever young! Antioxidants work wonders on slowing down the ageing process leaving you with a much youthful look. And those who have given up on the dieting & exercises, sipping on a cup of green tea itself will help you lose nearly 70 calories in a day!

Lower cholesterol levels have been found in people who are regular green tea drinkers. In fact, green tea has been known to help prevent diabetes as it works on your metabolism rate. The key to stronger bones & less chances of arthritis you ask? Green tea’s again the answer! So what are you waiting for? Grab your cuppa tea today & say goodbye to a cartload of health issue.

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